You're probably thinking right now: "I have no idea what my wedding suit should look like." While I'm sure the bride has a plan, for most guys a suit feels a bit daunting, and the fit is never quite right.

Lucky for you, we have years of experience helping men look outstanding on their wedding day and everything we show you is exactly your size. When it comes to fabrics, we have many textures and colors to choose from. Then, the suit is fully customizable, with enough internal and  external options to create the exact look you desire. Don't worry though, if you've never thought much about it we can guide you through the process. 

Your final product will be completely custom, and made just for you. We even come to you for the first appointment, so there is no need to travel long distances for shopping. Pricing starts at $900 for a completely custom two piece suit and shirts start at $150. We can provide group discounts for suits or vests for your groomsmen, though we ask for a bit of time and patience if they live outside of the Monterey area.

Simplifying and Perfecting Your Wedding Needs