Our Process

 Expert tailors with years of experience are scouring over the instructions and are cutting the fabric by hand. In 4-8 weeks your clothing will have arrived and we will contact you to schedule a final fitting at one of our local tailors so that we can make any final alterations. Every order should fit exactly as you want, and any alterations at the final fitting are covered by Tansamai. 

Step 2. Second Fitting
Once your clothing is created and arrives back to us we will schedule a second fitting at one of our local tailors. Our aim is to make sure everything fits exactly how you prefer. Every order should fit exactly how you like and Tansamai covers all alteration costs.

Step 3. Final Fitting
Once alterations have been finished, we will meet at the tailor to check the final fit. Our goal is that you look great in your new clothes! We will log the changes made to your clothing for easy reordering.  

Step 4. Reordering Is A Breeze

All orders are saved to your customer profile. We know your sizing and preferences, and update our records with any adjustments so that your next order will be as close to perfection as possible. Our goal is that you have perfect fitting clothes that you love to wear, designed by you and for you.

​Join us as we enhance the style of Monterey County, one customer at a time. Contact for a consultation. 

Step 1. Individual Consultation

Our team member meets with you at the location of your choosing, by appointment. It could be at your office or home if you are busy. The whole process takes around one hour, and we use that time to take measurements and explain all the options. Our clothing is 100% custom, and personalized to your needs and sensibilities. Maybe you know exactly what you want, and then our job is easy. In most cases, we look forward to explaining the options. 

Just like that, your personalized order has been sent to our factory.